Knee Injuries

Whether you injured your knee play sport socially, professionally, or just as part of life, Body Smart physios can provide expert assessment, advice and treatment to speed up recovery and get you back to sport and life fast. Should further investigations or intervention be needed your physio can refer you to a sports doctor.


Knee injuries can be divided into two types. As a result of trauma and collision, or as an overuse injury, with underlying biomechanical dysfunction being the significant cause.

Injuries can occur to specific joint structures which commonly include:

  • Meniscus (knee cartilage)
  • Ligaments
  • Joint surface
  • Muscle
  • Patelofemoral joint (knee cap)


Physiotherapy treatment is important to assess reduce the pain and disability associated with trauma and overuse knee injuries, and commence the rehabilitation process as soon as possible.

In acute knee injuries it is important to commenceRICE methodas soon as possible, and continue for 72 hours after injury.

Whether it is and acute injury or overuse injury assessment of your knee is key to determine the type, extent and cause of your knee injury, and successful management. Early treatment will reduce any pain or swelling, this treatment could include:

  • Massage and Mobilisation techniques to improve the movement of your knee joint
  • Exercises to improve the strength of the knee and other lower limb muscles that may be contributing to your problem
  • Detailed biomechanical assessment
  • Taping to improve the stability of the knee joint or improve the function of the muscles that support the knee

Common Problems