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  • We treat everyone from the elite athlete to the weekend warrior
  • We come to you, when you want, where you want, same great service at your convenience

BODY SMART PHYSIO – Physiotherapy in Adelaide

The Body Smart Difference

Body Smart is based on a simple philosophy which is focused on the individual and their needs. Listening and collaborating, with the client to develop therapy approaches which suite the individual’s needs.

Empowerment through shared knowledge which enables the individual to truly manage their own health and wellbeing.

We allow 40 minute initial consults, and tailored subsequent appointments to meet your needs.

Through this philosophy it is possible to truly follow a holistic approach of care, which by its nature is client centered.

Body Smart Physio is committed to continual learning and follows an up to date evidenced based “hands on” approach to therapy, and the adoption of modern biopsychosocial models of care.

By its location Body Smart Physio clinics work in close association with other health professionals enabling a truly multidisciplinary approach to care.

Working closely with General Practitioners, Psychologists, Dietitians, Orthopedic specialists and Podiatrists facilitates the highest and most complete therapeutic outcomes.

Put simply….. we specialize in you, the individual.