Pilates & Individual Rehab

Clinical pilates forms a core basis of strengthening and rehabilitation of the spine and is important in general strength and conditioning programs.

The clinical pilates method is a system of exercises based on the principles developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920’s. These unique exercises improve spinal stability, flexibility and control.

The clinical pilates method has been studied by a number of our physiotherapists and has rapidly become the therapy of choice by some leading back specialists. Close supervision by our trained physiotherapists is necessary to prescribe the appropriate exercises for each client. We are able to provide individualized programs. Assessment before commencing a pilates exercise program is essential to determine the correct level to work at to prevent low back pain aggravation and maximise the outcome of the program. As part of the assessment you learn correct abdominal and spinal muscle control and function.

The emphasis of these exercises is not high repetition or high resistance, but fewer more precise movements, requiring proper control and form. The exercises require a great deal of focus and concentration on stabilising the spine whilst performing whole body movements.

This concentrated control not only works the muscles appropriately, but also reinforces the correct neurological pathway for well-coordinated movement. Although this method is by no means new, modern research on the importance of core stability and appropriate muscle strengthening has led to the discovery of the clinical pilates method, which works the body in a way best suited for prevention and rehabilitation of back injury, along with its accepted general fitness benefits.