Our Philosophy

We believe in the individual and the uniqueness of the individual and their body.

We incorporate the “whole individual” in the recovery process, not just focusing on the injured part at the detriment of the whole.

We adopt a holistic approach which adheres to a modern biopsychosocial approach to treatment.

An important component of this is not just listening to the individual about there problem, needs and goals, but hearing.

We fully involve the individual in the decision making process which includes detailed explanation of condition effecting the individual and how we can working together to achieve the best outcome.

We discuss the likely time frame to achieve this outcome, and the potential treatment.

We believe as part of an individualized approach, it is important to provide options for the individual to help themselves through education and home based exercise.

We strongly believe in recovery planning, and providing the individual with the tools to maintain optimal outcome.

In summary, we specialize in you!